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From: Wayne Leman (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 21:16:53 EDT

Shoebox software, free from SIL, can do special sorts (if you're feeling out
of sorts!):

Go to the computer software section of the website from the main page.
Shoebox is specially designed to maintain lexical databases, so it should
work quite well with your Greek data. It displays special characters fine. I
*think* there is a version of the software for the Mac. If not, you could,
of course, run it with a Windows simulator on your Mac.

You can specify your alphabetizing sequence with Shoebox, any sequence you
want. The downside is that you have to learn to run the program. It's not as
tough to learn as some of SIL's software, but there is still a learning

There surely are other programs out there with which you can specify your
own alphabetization sequence. Have you tried Internet Web searches on
keywords such as "alphabetizing sequence", "sorting alphabetically", etc.?

Bible translation website:

>Does anyone know of a program or way to alphabetize a list of greek words?
>I'm working on a project with a database list of 4,524 words and many more
>to enter.
>I have been doing it by sight - but such a method hampers my enthusiasm and
>hogs my research time.
>I use an Imac-OS9 with SMK font. I have tried JagSort with no success.
>Thanks for any idea.
>ps: I'm a new member so go easy on me.

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