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Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 11:47:50 EDT

<x-flowed>During April, the subject of DOULOS, its translation and interpretation,
was an active thread.

Now, I see that the RBL web-site has just posted:

Combes, I. A. H. The Metaphor of Slavery in the Writings of the Early
Church: From the New Testament to the Beginning of the Fifth Century

The reviewer writes:
>>> Combes approaches Christian appropriation
                of the language of slavery as a case study in
                religious metaphor. Problems arise when those
                who deploy religious metaphors confuse them
                with literal descriptions of the world: "The area
                in which this problem probably causes the most
                consternation today is that of the use of 'social
                relationship' terms in speaking of God" (p. 11).<<<

The review is available on:


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