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>What is the word for "grape juice" ?? You know, today kids drink Kool
>What did the kid's drink in the first century? (other than water)
Wella Mark, lemme tella you a story.....
As I live in northern California, and being a bit of an OINHROS myself, I
like to visit the wineries so abundant here, often in Napa County. A few
years ago I toured Beringer Winery, one of the oldies in California, dating
back before that experimentation in restricted rights called "Prohibition."
As we were down in the cool cellars gazing at the old casks no longer in use,
our guide informed us how the locals at the turn of the century were mainly
Europeans of Mediterranean descent and how they would bring their own jugs
fill them from the great casks EACH DAY. Wine was their common drink, with
water and tea. Someone in our group asked your question, "What did the
children drink?" Our guide answered quickly and authoritatively, "Wine, of
course, mixed with water."
Now that might surprise you, but not me. Wine was mixed with water, even back
in the first century, and eastern churches, as well as the Roman Church,
still follow this practice in communion. Perhaps this is what was meant by
OINARION, poor or weak wine.
Dimitri Grekoff, <---found of Zinfandel

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