Re: Ok, what about grape juice (not OINOS)

From: Eric S. Weiss (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 00:20:24 EDT

Being a good Jew (though some would say my belief in Jesus no longer allows
me to use that appellation), I have long maintained (perhaps tongue in
cheek) that the reason Peter and James and John fell asleep in the Garden
of Gethsemane was because of the ALCOHOLIC wine they drank during the "last
supper." It was a tradition that one was supposed to drink all the cups at
the Passover seder, to get "giddy," in fact, for joy at the celebration of
the Exodus. Now, this rabbinical injunction may have post-dated Jesus's
time, and I believe J. Jeremias makes the case in THE EUCHARISTIC WORDS OF
JESUS that Jesus abstained from both food and drink during the "last
supper," so "perhaps" Jesus didn't let alcohol touch His lips that night
(but if He NEVER drank, why would He be accused of being a "wine-drinker" -
Luke 7:34?), but I do not doubt that my guess as to why the disciples slept
has some merit.

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