Galatians (various)

From: Jason Hare (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 13:25:00 EDT

I have a few questions over the book of Galatians. I know that they are
going to sound really simplistic, but that is just me.

1. The Title. The title in the NA27/UBS4 text is PROS GALATAS. I am
wondering where the accent would go in the latter word. From what I can
gather it would be: PRO`S GALA´TAS. Could you let me know?

2. In the second chapter (verse 1) it says EPEITA DIA DEKATESSARWN ETWN.
I wonder about the use of DIA. I have not seen it used before as "after...
years/days/hours/etc." Is this just a use I have overlooked? Or could it
be a use of variation because he had just used EPEITA META ETH TRIA

I will likely have more questions as I go along in this book. Thanks for
taking the time for this one. :-)

Ozark Christian College

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