[b-greek] Re: BAGD delays

From: Frank W. Hughes (fwhughes@sunbeach.net)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 20:16:22 EDT

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They've really been announcing firm publication dates for Bauer-Danker
for 7 years?&nbsp; Wow!&nbsp; They should give us an even bigger discount
at SBL!
<p>I held off buying the 2nd American edition (1979) but surely will have
to get the third edition whenever they make it available.&nbsp; I want
to get a copy of the new supplement to Liddell-Scott-Jones as well.
<p>I guess with BAGD, Daniel Wallace's <i>Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics</i>,
as well as Moulton &amp; co.'s <i>Grammar</i>, we really do have a lot
of resources for the study of NT vocabulary and grammar.&nbsp; I am particularly
grateful for the copious references to other literature in Wallace.&nbsp;
Would that other parts of ancient Greek were so well served.
<p>Frank W. Hughes
<br>Codrington College</html>


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