[b-greek] Re: BAGD delays

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 20:44:01 EDT

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<div>At 8:16 PM -0400 6/23/00, Frank W. Hughes wrote:</div>
<blockquote type="cite" cite>They've really been announcing firm
publication dates for Bauer-Danker for 7 years?&nbsp; Wow!&nbsp; They
should give us an even bigger discount at SBL!</blockquote>
<div>Not quite. Four years is a bit more like it, and a TARGET DATE
is not the same thing as a FIRM PUBLICATION DATE--maybe Jim West will
have to up the ante. I just found this in the archives of B-Greek
1995. Of course, Edgar has since retired&nbsp; from his post at
Chicago and was last heard of somewhere on the west coast of the
<div>At 4:55 PM -0600 8/28/95, Edgar M. Krentz wrote:</div>
<div>&gt;Some time ago Eric Weiss asked<br>
&gt;&gt;What is the status of the English edition of the revision to
BAGD, i.e., when<br>
&gt;&gt;will it be available, what is the retail and discount
mail-order price?<br>
&gt;I answered him with the following information, which may be of
interest to<br>
&gt;readers of B-Greek [I don't think it appeared there, at least not
to my<br>
&gt;Fred Danker delivered the completed manuscript of the third
edition to the<br>
&gt;University of Chicago Press in early April. (Can one call
something on a<br>
&gt;hard disk a manuscript?)<br>
&gt;I called Fred for more information. He is now in the
labor-intensive task<br>
&gt;of reading page proofs. The target date for its appearance in
print is the<br>
&gt;Society of Biblical Literature meeting in 1996, i.e.
Thanksgiving, 1996. Of<br>
&gt;course, it is always possible that the press might publish a bit
&gt;that date.<br>
&gt;The price is not yet set, of course. Fred has asked the press to
keep it<br>
&gt;below $75.00, if possible; but that may be a dream of Fred's that
will not<br>
&gt;correlate with reality. No one can guess what the mail-order
discount price<br>
&gt;will be--or if indeed there will be one!<br>
&gt;I no longer have students purchase the 2nd edition. I will
recommend the<br>
&gt;purchase of Abbott-Smith's _Manual Greek Lexicon_ or some other
small work<br>
&gt;(Souter, if still in print) and send them to the library to use
BAGD, ed.<br>
&gt;If you want more accurate information, you might drop a note to
&gt;Frederick W. Danker, 3438 Russell Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104.
&gt;Edgar Krentz &lt;emkrentz@mcs.com&gt;</div>
<div>&gt;New Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago</div>

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