[b-greek] Re: New Testament Jehovah Quotes

From: Will Wagers (hyle@e-denton.com)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 07:13:18 EDT

<x-flowed>It seems to me that this argument amounts to saying that any document
using the divine name is--by definition--of Jewish origin or of Jewish-
Christian origin (read "corrupted").

Jan Groenveld writes:

>The WTS wishes to give the impression that the LXX used by the
>Christian Church
>regularly contained the Tetragram. However, the LXX copies come from Jewish
>sources, apart from two LXX copies that come from a source of doubtful origin,
>possibly Jewish, or of a Jewish form of Christianity.


>It is the action of the CHRISTIANS that is of vital significance, not the
>actions of the Jews, for it was the Christians who wrote and produced the
>writings now called the New Testament.
>The evidence is that the Christians replaced the Tetragram in the LXX (the
>OT) with surrogates, and that in the writings they produced (the NT) the
>Christians did not follow the Hebrew practice regarding the writing of Sacred
>Names, but they developed their own forms in their very earliest years with a
>technique now termed NOMINA SACRA.

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