[b-greek] Clarification on Terminology

From: Mark Armstrong (mark_janette@bigpond.com)
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 17:47:13 EST

I would be grateful if someone could clarify the following terms for me.

1. Solecism. While reading a commentary on Rev. 1:13, the commentator says,
"accusative UIOV is a solecism since the dative usually follows OMOION". Am
I correct in understanding a solecism as a literary device that draws
attention to itself by a deliberate violation of grammatical rules? In this
case getting the readers attention back to the book of Daniel. Is there a
formal definition for "solecism"?

2. Elliptical construction. This term has arisen from my examination of
Mark 2:10, "IVA DE EIDHTE.........". The adverbial clause is described by
Morna Hooker as an elliptical construction - apparently because it has no
direct linkage with a main verb or participle in the pericope, or maybe its
antecedent is back in verse 5. In any case, verse 10 gives the choice
between two alternatives.

Formal clarification on both these terms would be of much assistance.

Mark Armstrong
Windsor (Sydney, Australia)

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