[b-greek] Re: BDAG

From: Steven R. Lo Vullo (doulos@chorus.net)
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 20:53:50 EST

On 11/23/00 7:34 PM, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:

> I think you will discover that the new BAGD is quite different from L&N. I
> don't think anyone will want pass up getting the latest from work Fredrick
> Danker just because they have L&N. IMHO that would be a serious mistake.

> Comparison of these two works is a little unfair since they are conceived
> with different functions in view. L&N is really a tool designed specifically
> for translators using computers. It is not a general purpose lexicon. L&N
> provides very little in the way of historical information (i.e., citations
> form ancient sources).

Hi Clayton,

I agree 100% with what you said. The two tools clearly have their own
distinctive functions and purposes. I am also one of those guys "standing in
line" to get my copy of BDAG, looking forward to it very much. I was only
responding to the suggestion that giving priority (or at least "equal time")
to definitions over glosses is somehow "revolutionary."

Steve Lo Vullo

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