[b-greek] Revelation 1.4&5

From: Jason A. Hare (language_lover64801@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 23:56:28 EDT

I sent a message earlier from my e-mail address. When I came to the
B-Greek homepage, it told me that Lyris was down. So, since my message
hasn't been posted yet, I assume that it got lost when the server was
down. Basically, the content of the question was this:

Why did John not use the genitive when he gave God's title: hO WN KAI hO
HN KAI hO ERCOMENOS in Revelation 1.4? Was there anything special about

Also, what significance is there in the fact that "hO MARTUS, hO PISTOS,
hO PRWTOTOKOS... hO ARCWN" was not in genitive, in agreement with "APO

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Jason A. Hare

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