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The Mill: 8/02/07

Unless you were among the hundreds who showed up at Cat’s Cradle for a reunited Slint performing their 1991 epic Spiderland, you missed a real gem of a moment in indie rock retro. But while the band’s on a nationwide tour getting their due for a breakthrough album, let’s not forget that Spiderland producer Brian Paulson, who churned out the record with the band over a couple of weekends in Chicago, now makes his home in beautiful downtown Carrboro.

Other people’s papers
We’ve always found it an odd taboo among media to rarely mention anything good about other media. Odd behavior that, especially in the modern age.

So, it did not shock us to not see the phrase “and writes a weekly column about plants for The Carrboro Citizen” among what keeps Ken Moore busy these days in a recent story about him in the Raleigh News & Observer. In the past five months, Ken has logged more than 10,000 words — along with dozens of photos — on native plants, exotic invasives, drought-resistant gardens and why and how to save that 200-year-old holly tree on Homestead Road. His columns are free and open to the public at www.carrborocitizen.com/main/category/flora. The N&O’s nice story about Ken is at http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/652395.html.

We’d also like to note the parting of company between the Independent Weekly and Richard Hart, who was the paper’s editor for six years. Though now a confirmed Durhamite, Richard deserves a good deal of credit for improving journalism in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill metroplex when he served as editor of the Chapel Hill News and went the extra mile to get local voices and views into that paper.

We’ll miss his voice in the Indy. Reached by phone amid a recent Emerald Isle crabbing adventure with his son, we note he is in good spirits and rest assured he’ll be writing again somewhere soon.

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