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UNC to not pursue airport authority

UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp announced Friday that the school will not ask the UNC Board of Governors to form an airport authority. [Text via the chancellor’s blog] The authority was to begin work as early as this spring to find a an alternative to Horace Williams airport in Orange County.

Thorp said AHEC and its Med Air operations will move to RDU International. Horace Williams will close, he said, but when that will happen won’t be known until there is a clear date for moving the UNC Law School to Carolina North.

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  1. WillR

    Hey, another shakey cam! Thanks Kirk, great for folks that couldn’t attend who wanted the whole story.

  2. terry

    No doubt this means there will now be a full-court press by the-powers-that-be (including the legislature, AOPA, UNC’s board of trustees, etc.) to expand Horace Williams airport and build the new campus around it.

    Unfortunately there’s little the town can do about it, other than refuse to negotiate further on rezoning the site until the airport has been shut down.

  3. PCMurphy

    Good to occasionally see a good example of when to intentionally split an infinitive to clearly emphasize the significant adverb. (Just wanted to – for once – not make an airport-related comment.)

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