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APD -- Transport (high speed)

Beam -- The extreme width of a ship. Also an athwartship or longitudinal member of the ship's structure supporting the deck.

-- General Stores

Humboldt Bay, Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea, 1944 U.S.Army Engineers map for the Navy & Army.

Humboldt Bay to Leyte - LSM 34 route in orange: From Map # 29, Invasion of Leyte, 17 - 25 October 1944, Allied Liberation of the Philippines, World War Two - Asian / Pacific Theater, United States Military Academy’s Department of History. Humboldt Bay to Leyte

LCI -- Landing Craft, Infantry

LCM -- Landing Craft, Mechanized

LCVP -- Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel

Leyte: October 13 or 20 to December 8, 1944:  Dates are for Ralph's & LSM 34's participation. Ralph reports LSM 34 first date of participation was October 20. Navy history sources credit it with starting participation on October 13.

The Leyte Campaign continued to July, 1 1945.

This Army publication is linked here because it details Naval activities. The cover is of Naval landing vessels and the maps show Naval movements that include LSM 34's

Lingayen Gulf: Landings at were part of the Luzon & Manila Bay-Bicol operations from December 12, 1944 to January 18, 1945.

LSD -- Landing Ship, Dock

LSM -- Landing Ship, Medium

LST -- Landing Ship, Tank

LST loaded with LCVPs

LST 672 loaded with LCVPs, San Francisco Bay, 1946.

USS O'Brien (DD-725)

Papau & New Guinea Campaigns
July 23, 1942 - January 23, 1943: Papua Campaign
New Guinea
January 24, 1943 - December 31, 1944: New Guinea Campaign

P-38 -- Lockheed P-38 Lightning was used extensively as a long-range escort fighter and saw action in practically every major combat area of the world. A very versatile aircraft, the Lightning was also used for dive bombing, level bombing, ground strafing and photo reconnaissance missions.  P38

-- The left-hand side of a ship when looking from aft forward. Also an opening.

Scuttlebutt -- Speculation or rumor
Starboard -- The right-hand side of the ship when looking from aft forward. Opposite to port.
T -- LST

Southern Philippines from March 10 to May 16, 1945. Southern Phillippines

USS Ward (APD-16): "On the morning of 7 December 1944...she was patrolling off the invasion area when she came under attack by several Japanese aircraft. One bomber made a suicide crash into her hull amidships, bringing the ship to a stop. When the resulting fires could not be controlled, Ward's crew was ordered to abandon ship and she was sunk by gunfire from USS O'Brien (DD-725)." Ward

Wildcat: Grumman F4F Fighters. Wildcat

White Beach at Tacloban. From Map # 30, Invasion of Leyte, 17 October - 30 December 1944, Allied Liberation of the Philippines, World War Two - Asian / Pacific Theater, United States Military Academy’s Department of History. White Beach

Nomenclature of Naval Vessels

U.S. Navy Abbreviations of World War II

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