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Frank Harris



Frank Harris is known today almost exclusively for his erotic--or pornographic--My Life and Loves, but aside from that he played a central role in letters around the turn of the century, and was a fine writer whose many other works deserve renewed attention in this new millennium.

There are many accounts of his life, and nobody is sure when he was born--1854, 1855, or 1856. A very anti-Harris introduction by John Dos Passos gives some details. Also, we are not sure in which category to place Harris: Irish, English, or American literature--he claimed citizenship in each.

We present here a bibliography and links. A fuller bibliography, along with a rich variety of information about this writer, can be found at Arthur Armstrong's wonderful Frank Harris Home Page at

In addition to these books, Harris edited and wrote in many magazines and newspapers, much of which is not collected.

One good reference source is Frank Harris, by Robert Brainard Pearsall, New York: Twayne Publishers, 1970, in Twayne's English Authors Series. LCC 74-120526, Dewey 828.9/H314p.


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