How to Cover Your Internet Tracks

WARNING: Computer technology can change quickly and new tools are introduced regularly that may aid survivors or be misused by abusers. Many abusers can find ways to track a survivorís computer and Internet use. This means they can see what websites you went to, what documents you opened, and even keystrokes typed. It is better to use a safer computer Ė for example, at a public library, a friendís home or your office. Click here to find a public library near you.

However, if you choose to use your home computer here are some instructions for clearing cache and history. This will delete the list of websites you have visited recently. These instructions tell you how to delete the list of websites visited recently so that an abuser can't find out that you have visited this site (or any others you don't want him to know about). CAUTION: The abuser will likely notice that you have done this! Although he won't be able to see what sites you've been to, he will know that you deleted them and may assume that you are hiding something from him.


If you are using Firefox as a browser, you should go to the "Tools" menu at the top and select "Clear Private Data". The following window will pop up:


Select the checkmarks as shown in the box above and click the "Clear Private Data Now" button.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer as a browser, you should go to the "Tools" menu at the top and select "Internet Options" at the bottom of the menu list. The following window will pop up:

internet explorer

You will want to click the "Delete Cookies" button AND the "Delete Files" button AND the "Clear History" button.