Welcome to the EXPO Restaurant Le Cordon Bleu.

You must be hungry after visiting all the exhibits on the terrain, but you can not rest here! This restaurant is an exhibit of L'Art Culinaire . The menus presented here are from the world-famous cooking school in Paris: Le Cordon Bleu. Many of the recipes given here are thaught at Le Cordon Bleu by a team of master chefs from France's various Michelin-star restaurants. Each year, these chefs train students from more than fifty different countries, combining time-honoured traditions with the latest, most sophisticated techniques.

Today, you are the star of the restaurant. Let the master chefs initiate the amateur chefs in the fundamentals and philosophy of classical french cuisine and guide the professionals in advanced techniques of french cooking.

The history of Le Cordon Bleu stretches a period of almost hundred years; the first cookery class was held on January 14, 1896, in Paris's Palais Royal.

The restaurant has a list of seven full menus available. You can pick any of them to start your tour in L'Art Culinaire.

Please note that these recipes are a selection of a complete book (Le Cordon Bleu at Home), and therefore, may be too difficult for an amateur to start with. However, I included relevant information from basic recipes, so you may well succeed in preparing your own masterpiece. Information about the book can be found in the EXPO Book Store Note that for those not on the metric system, the size of a gallon differs, depending on which country you live in.

The comfortable Shuttle Bus is waiting outside, ready to bring you to one the exhibits on the terrain, or to the EXPO Ticket Office.

All photographs and recipes are copyright (c) 1991 by Le Cordon Bleu, Inc. No parts may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

This Restaurant is only possible by the very kind permission of the president of Le Cordon Bleu, André L. Cointreau. For information about classes given at schools in Paris, London, Ottawa and Tokyo, write to Le Cordon Bleu directly.

The creation of the restaurant from the data in the Le cordon Bleu at home, was all done on a Silicon Graphics workstation, using home written scanner software, and using a demo version of a commercial OCR program.

Frans van Hoesel.