Shuttle Bus

The EXPO Shuttle Bus operates only on the EXPO terrain. No outside buses are allowed to enter the bus station directly, although they may stop at the EXPO Ticket Office to drop off visitors. Some specially organized tours do leave from the bus station.

At the moment there are buses ready to take you to one of the following pavilions on the EXPO terrain:

On request the bus stops at the EXPO Restaurant.

The time table is very easy, because the buses all leave every few micro-seconds. The ride to each pavilion is a relatively long one, taking often more than a milli-second. Please enjoy the view of the EXPO terrain, during the ride.

If you need more information about the exhibits or want to buy one of the exhibits catalogs, you should go to the EXPO Ticket Office or the EXPO Book Store. The bus can drop you off at the EXPO terrain map if that is what you prefer.

From here you have access to the EXPO Bulletin Board where you can write down comments you might have.

Organized Tours

There are some organized tours running directly from the EXPO terrain, using long distance buses, not operated by ESB. These buses will take you to exhibits outside the EXPO terrain. The ESB has some extra parking space left for more long distance buses. If you want to park here too, so you can pick up visitors from the EXPO please notify the people at the ticket office.

These long distance buses are ready to take you to one of the outside exhibitions:

There is a special bus going to:

Please note that ESB is not responsible if some of the buses do not leave on time, or don't leave at all.