Welcome to the EXPO

EXPO Ticket Office

You are at the EXPO Ticket Office and about to enter the Worlds most exciting electronic exposition. EXPO is a world wide exhibition that with the aid of many people makes interesting exhibitions available to the general public. Tickets to the EXPO terrain are free. Currently most exhibitions on EXPO are built out of bytes donated by the Library of Congress. The EXPO organization created out of these bytes very interesting pavilions which can be reached from the nearby bus station. Please pick up a free ticket and take the EXPO Shuttle Bus to one of the exhibits. The current count of visitors arrived at the ticket office, including you is {not supported by your browser}

exhibit info

There is a beautiful wooden EXPO Terrain Map that provides you with all the necessary information that you need before you start touring around the EXPO. There are six EXPO pavilions on the terrain. All have inlined images, so you will need a program that supports them. Without the images the EXPO is less fun. NCSA Mosaic is the recommended viewer for this exhibit; you can pull copies of it from NCSA's anonymous FTP server.

EXPO restaurant

The EXPO restaurant only serves real masterpieces of French cookery. It is owned by André L. Cointreau, descendant of two of France's most venerable families, the Cointreaus and the Rémy-Martins. You can join him at a table for six.

EXPO post office

The post office handles all incoming mail for the EXPO from all over the world. You should pay a visit to the EXPO Post Office whenever you send mail to the EXPO.

EXPO overview

If you have visited EXPO before and know exactly which item you wish to examine, you can use the Overview of Objects and Topics. It shows an outline of the various exhibits and offers direct access to all objects in the EXPO exhibits.

EXPO catalogs

The catalogs from the exhibits are on sale at the EXPO Book Store. The Ticket Office does offer you a free leaflet about the Library of Congress. Feel free to take one because the supply is unlimited.

EXPO organization

The EXPO is organized by Frans van Hoesel. If you want to build another pavilion on the EXPO terrain, please contact him directly via the EXPO Post Office. Remember that four of the six exhibits were built from text and images that are available from the Library of Congress and they deserve all the credits for it. The Library of Congress can be reached at lcweb@loc.gov The original data is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.loc.gov. The 1942 exhibit and the Dead Sea scrolls exhibit were hypertexted by Jeff Barry (barry@scholar.lib.utk.edu). The paleontology exhibit was created by Robert Guralnick (robg@fossil.Berkeley.edu). The original data for the Spalato exhibit was provided by Michael Greenhalgh (gremarth@fac.anu.edu.au).

EXPO bulletin board

All over the EXPO terrain you will find the EXPO Bulletin Board which you can use to make comments about the exhibit. This is very much appreciated. The bulletin board also contains up to date info from the EXPO organization.

EXPO wishes to thank Paul Jones, Jonathan Magid and Dykki Settle (dykki_settle@unc.edu) who are serving the EXPO and the exhibits from their Web server for public access. We also thank K.D.Ellis for all the help we got and the Library of Congress for putting the original data online.


EXPO text and images are for the personal use of students, scholars, and the public. Any commercial use or publication of them is strictly prohibited.