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Amazing Grazing
How sweet the sound!

To sum up the how-to and benefits of intensive grazing management, Marathon, N.Y., dairyman Dick Warner composed this poem -- set to the tune of the hymn Amazing Grace.

Amazing grazing, too simple it seems,
To use the grass that's free.
But costs were up, and profits down,
So now the light I've seen.

Dividing land around the barn,
Into paddocks, large then small.
The object is to keep the cows,
On grass six inches tall.

With several rubber water tanks,
And some plastic pipe we've laid,
We've found fresh water availability,
To be more important than shade.

We've moved the cows at intervals,
No longer than a day.
If paddocks get over twelve inches tall,
Make them into hay.

Amazing grazing, too simple it seems,
But I know it works for me.
And I would rather move a little fence,
Than give shots of BST.

If you'd like help with what you've heard,
Here's what I would suggest:
Get in touch with the Grasslands Committee
Extension or NRCS.

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Home Grazing Gear Up For Grazing Contents Amazing Grazing

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