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Make more meat and milk from your pastures.

red ballgrazersedge Discussion Group -- Share tips with other graziers. This page has the latest digest and index to previous digests. (You must subscribe first to view digests.) To recieve digests or individual messages via email, sign up starting from the onelist.com homepage.

red ballCover Crop and Forage Seed Sources -- Find the varieties you need to fit your pasture system.

red ballGrazing Alfalfa Successfully -- It takes a careful balance between the needs of the stock and the needs of the stand, says the University of Missouri's Jim Gerrish.
red ballLow-Stress Livestock Handling -- Herding methods and facilities that put less stress on you and your stock.
red ballElegy for a Giraffe -- Roger Wentling stuck his neck out so farmers could reap the benefits of rotational grazing. A tribute to the late controversial grazing advocate by Ruth Tonachel.

red ballSeasonal Dairy on Pasture: The Forgey Files -- How-to advice from Indiana's pioneering seasonal dairy grazier.
red ballBeat Summer Slump and Tame Thistles -- Advice for summer pasture management from in our Gear Up For Grazing area.
red ballPastured Poultry Resources -- Want to make $25,000 from 20 acres? Here's how. Pictures, descriptions and links.
red ballSample Pastures Right -- In this graze-l post, Minnesota grazing expert Doug Gunnink tells how to get the best results from a fresh forage analysis.
red ballBuild A Freeze-Resistant Stock Tank -- Here's how a Kansas grazier keeps the water flowing in winter.
red ballGear Up For Grazing -- This series of articles originally published in the New York Pasture Association Newsletter provides timely tips on forage and stock management, ration balancing, laneways, weed control and more.

red ballMake A Well-Grounded (Earthed) Fence -- Tips from a New Zealand grazing farmer and consultant to keep your fence hot and your stock in.
red ball17 Mistakes To Avoid With Electric Fencing -- Lessons Montana range consultant Wayne Burleson learned the hard way, so you won't have to.
red ballOnline Fence Building References -- Links to fencing tips and techniques for management-intensive grazing systems.

Hot Links:
red ballMobile Calf-Grazing Module -- Keeps calves healthy while helping them reap the benefits of pasture at an early age.
red ballPigs on Pasture -- Take a virtual tour of the Gunthorp farm at American Farmland Trust's grassfarmer.com site. While you're there, stop by and see Tools for Graziers, innovative solutions including a windscreen, shade trailer, and more.
red ballgrassfarmer.com -- This growing site from American Farmland Trust features their Cove Mt. grass dairy projectinnovative parlors for dairy graziers, and tools for graziers.
red ballYe Olde Forage Library Card Catalogue -- West Virginia University Extension grazing specialist Ed Rayburn has started this collection of classics with D.B. Johnstone-Wallace's 1938 pamphlet Pasture Improvement and Management, a work cited often by Andre Voisin in his book, Grass Productivity. (If the cover page image is slow to load, just click on the hand in the top right corner of the page to go right to the table of contents.)
red ballSustainable Ranching Research and Education Project -- University of California Extension project, includes controlled grazing basics, extensive nutrition info, fencing design and construction, events calendar, links and more. Don't miss the online low-stress livestock handling tips featuring info from stockmanship guru Bud Williams.
red ballProfitable Dairy Options -- This online brochure from the USDA-SARE program's Sustainable Agriculture Network offers a myriad of innovative methods for dairy farmers around the country to cut costs and add value to the products they sell. Topics range from tapping specialty markets to grazing, composting and nutrient management.
red ballSpring Turnout and The Grazing Wedge -- Advice and powerful tools to manage spring pasture growth.
red ballMore grazing links.

graze-l logored ballGraze-l Archives-- A great source of grazing advice.

Anyone with more than a casual interest in management- intensive grazing should subscribe to the graze-l listerv for the excellent advice offered by some of the world's best graziers and grazing specialists. Find directions for joining this international forum as well as searchable archives from this homepage (or use F.W. Owen's Unofficial Graze-l Search Engine). Most of the discussion focuses on U.S. and New Zealand practices. But contributors from Ireland and South America also contribute. Highly recommended.

red ballFree ATTRA Grazing Publications

They're free and they're only a toll-free phone call away.

The Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas program has several publications of interest to graziers, including:
  • Sustainable Pasture Management
  • Rotational Grazing
  • Grass-Based and Seasonal Dairying
  • Alternative Fly Control
  • Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Ruminants on Pasture
  • Sustainable Chicken Production
  • Sustainable Beef Production
See this graze-l posting for more information. To order publications, call ATTRA from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday at 800-346-9140.

red ballFree Grazing Publication Samples

Contact the publications below to get a free issue:
  • The Stockman Grass Farmer, PO Box 2300-P, Ridgeland, MS, 39158-2300. Toll free: 800-748-9808, or email sgfsample@aol.com.
  • Graze, PO Box 48, Belleville, WI 53508. Phone: 608-455-3311 or email graze@mhtc.net

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