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Fence-Building References Online
Links to fencing tips and techniques for management-intensive grazing systems.

red ballFencing Information -- From the Univ. of Calif. Sustainable Ranching Research and Education Project website. Includes design considerations, energizers, grounding, training livestock to the fence, troubleshooting, temporary and high-tensile fencing and more. Great how-to pieces on driving staples right, making a $5 wire tension meter, and building cheap but effective braces.
red ballDo It Yourself High Tensile Fencing -- Extensive guide at Kiwi Fence Systems website.
red ballFencing Tips and Advice -- Primer from Baygard Electric Fence Products.
red ballFencing Companies -- Great list of links at Oregon State University's Forage Information System website.
red ballStafix Electric Fence Manual -- Basics, planning and layout, energizer installation, troubleshooting and more at the Kencove Farm Fence website.
red ballGallagher Power Fencing -- Growing site includes energizer catalog, FAQ, and hints.
red ballGeotek/Common Sense Fence -- Fencing guide (.pdf file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) covers planning and installation of Common Sense brand fencing system.
red ballMax-Flex Fence Systems -- Information on different fence types, energizers. Contacts for dealers, additional print information.
red ballValley Oaks Ranch Supply -- Excellent reference for planning pasture layout and constructing paddocks. Well-organized with good graphics throughout.

red ballSee also our Grazing Menu for more fence building resources.

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