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Value-added marketing keeps more profit on your farm.

Growing for Market -- Monthly newsletter for farmers who sell produce and cut flowers locally.

Organic Trader -- Links buyers and sellers of organic products.

emarket farm -- Resources for farmers markets and market farmers.

red ballCommunity Supported Agriculture sites -- Spurred on by a recent mention in Parade magazine, there are many new and improved CSA resources on the 'Net, including some that list information for CSA operations around the country. (Find a list of the mirror sites at this USDA site.)  There are many worth exploring, including:

red ballCool!New Farm Options -- A wealth of information on alternative enterprises and value-added marketing opportunities from Univ. of Wis. Extension.  While there are still some information gaps that need to filled, you won't find a site with more to offer.  Be sure to check out the Alternative Field Crops & Livestock database, business planning resources and discussion group.  Highly recommended.

red ballFull Season Farm -- Satisfied customers help boost market for farm-raised and -processed poultry.
red ballAdding Value and Flexibility -- Diversity in the field and in the marketplace gives this grain processing coop a leg up on the competition.
red ball'Net Marketing -- From simple email messages to elaborate webpages, livestock, grain and vegetable producers are using the 'Net to reach and satisfy customers.

red ballMarket Niche Recaptures Profits -- Specialty crops and livestock from family farms practicing environmental stewardship show special promise, report says.
red ballSustainable Farmers Tap Grocery-Chain Market -- In our news area, find out how Wisconsin CSAs became 'first source' for nine vegetables.

Hot Links:
red ballsmallfarms.com -- Hawaii small farmer Glenn Oshiro started this database-driven site to connect consumers and farmers directly, eliminating the middleman. Officially opens Sept. 1, but you can sign up now. Listings start at $29/year.
red ballHometown Creamery Revival -- SARE-funded project working with Va. and N.C. dairies on grazing, cheese processing and marketing.
red ballCommunity Supported Agriculture -- Homepage for the CSA-L email discussion list, this page provides excellent links to resources and other sites of interest to folks considering starting a CSA. Includes links to CSA webpages. Part of John Barclay's Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture site.
red ballThe BuyGreen Virginia Partnership -- A joint project of the Virginia Association for Biological Farming and Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet, this model program seeks to build bridges between producers and consumers. Labelling program with three levels of certification -- certified organic, ecological and conservation.
red ballIn Season -- This informative and fun site is highly recommended to growers who sell at farmers markets or to restaurants. You'll find great tips on selecting varieties to match your customers tastes, (including some adventurous money-makers you may not have considered), and frequently updated news and organic outlook info. Definitely worth checking out are magazine-like features, including a recent interview with urban farmer Michael Abelman, a profile of tomato-loving (more than 100 varieties!) CSA growers Frances and Nigel Walker and discussions with chefs about what they are looking for from growers. There's definitely a California slant here. But all the better reason for growers elsewhere to check in.
red ballProfitable Dairy Options -- This online brochure from the USDA-SARE program's Sustainable Agriculture Network offers a myriad of innovative methods for dairy farmers around the country to cut costs and add value to the products they sell. Topics range from tapping specialty markets to grazing, composting and nutrient management.
red ballMore Marketing Links

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