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Marketing Links
Web resources to help you sell -- and add value to -- what you grow.

red ballCool!New Farm Options -- A wealth of information on alternative enterprises and value-added marketing opportunities from Univ. of Wis. Extension.  While there are still some information gaps that need to filled, you won't find a site with more to offer.  Be sure to check out the Alternative Field Crops & Livestock database, business planning resources and discussion group.  Highly recommended.
red ballSan Juan Naturals -- Site features introductory newletter and information about Bootstrap Guides for getting start in the herb and flower business.
red ballCommunity Supported Agriculture -- Homepage for the CSA-L email discussion list, this page provides excellent links to resources and other sites of interest to folks considering starting a CSA. Includes links to CSA webpages. Part of John Barclay's Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture site.
red ballThe BuyGreen Virginia Partnership -- A joint project of the Virginia Association for Biological Farming and Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet, this model program seeks to build bridges between producers and consumers. Labelling program with three levels of certification -- certified organic, ecological and conservation.
red ballIn Season -- Highly recommended to growers who sell at farmers markets or to restaurants. Great tips on selecting varieties to match your customers tastes, (including some adventurous money-makers you may not have considered), frequently updated news and organic outlook info, and features and interviews with growers and chefs. Definitely a California slant, but all the better reason for growers elsewhere to check in.
red ballOFMA's Virtual Market -- Listings of certified organic products for sale or processing from the Organic Farmers Marketing Association. Also check out OFMA's Consumer Connection listings of prospective buyers.
red ballOrganic Trading and Information Center -- A site for consumers and producers of organic foods and natural products. Appears a little funky, but be sure to check out the site's active message board for marketing leads.
red ballCommunity Supported Agriculture of North America -- Interested in starting a CSA? (A marketing setup where members usually pay for a season's worth of weekly produce deliveries at the start of the season and share in the labor and risk of farming.) Here's a good place to start doing your homework. Includes background info, resource list, conference info, and farm listings. More CSA info is available at the Biodynamic Association of North America site.
red ballInformation Network For Organic Produce -- International site seeking to link buyers and sellers. Limited listings at this point. (8/26/97).
red ballThe Food Trader Exchange -- This site allows you to post products you have for sale into the global market place. Minimal organic listings at this point (8/26/97 search turned up chickens, orange juice, pasta and figs). Registration (free) required.
red ballToday's Market Prices -- Up-to-date wholesale market prices for fruits and vegetables. See especially their Organically Grown Products page.
red ballCBOT -- Chicago Board of Trade marketing info.
red ballFarmers Markets Listing from USDA

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