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Sustainable vegetable production guide -- "Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market" is a 280-page book for experienced vegetable growers, newbies and educators.  Penned by Vern Grubinger, vegetable and berry specialist and director of the Univ. of Vermont's Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the guide includes in-depth profiles of 32 vegetable producers, sample budgets, and sections on financial planning, marketing, soils, composting, rotations, cover crops, equipment, irrigation, pests, diseases, weeds, season extension and more.  Targeted for Northeast growers, but also valuable in other regions.

red ballSustainable Farmers Tap Grocery-Chain Market -- In our news area, find out how Wisconsin CSAs became 'first source' for nine vegetables.

red ballFor the Love of Farming -- Compost, cover crops, rotations and green manures build healthy soil on this Tennessee producer farm.
red ballNo-Till Transplanting Into Cover Crops In our cover crops area, Pa. vegetable grower Steve Groff shares tips about his 'New Generation' cropping systems.

Hot Links:
red ballDiversify Crops to Boost Profits and Stewardship -- Online version of new bulletin from USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program features information about alternative crops, cover crops and agroforestry.
red ballCedar Meadow Farm -- Lancaster County, Pa., grower Steve Groff is a pioneer no-tilling vegtables into cover crops. Site features some good pictures of the practice and ordering information for Groff's video (due spring '97) explaining the practice.
red ballSustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South -- Authored by Dr. Mary M. Peet at North Carolina State University, this site has information on soil management, cover crops, conservation tillage, IPM, production profiles for more than a dozen crops and more.

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