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Organic Farming, Marketing, and Certification Resources
Organic farming and marketing groups and other web resources of particular interest to organic farmers.

red ballNew!Campaign for Food Safety -- Covers a wide range of food issues including organic standards, genetically modified organisms, irradiation, BGH, Mad Cow disease and more. Includes a page of links to farmer, retailer or wholesaler selling organic food. Affiliated with the Organic Consumers Association.
red ballOrganicHub.com -- Online database provides an easy yet powerful way to find information about organic products, producers, wholesalers, retailers, and organizations. Don't forget to add yourself to the list.
red ballOrganic Farming Research Foundation -- Offers modest grants for research projects to help foster the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming practices. Features online newsletter and summaries of their National Organic Farmers' Survey.
red ballOrganic Certification Discussion Group -- Weigh in on the issues as national standards come to fruition. To subscribe, send the message: subscribe organic-certification firstname lastname to listproc@listserv.oit.unc.edu. (Leave the subject line blank.) For more information, contact the list owner, Larry London.
red ball1997 National Organic Directory -- Print is not dead! This is the hard-copy yellow pages for the organic industry, filled with information you won't find anywhere else. Lists growers, buyers, wholesellers, state and national laws, great articles on organic issues, and more. Published by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Site provides table of contents, ordering info and sample article.
red ballATTRA's Organic Certification List -- Access from the menu after registering at their On-Line Publications List. Includes about 70 U.S.certification groups, organized by region.
red ballBiodynamic Farming and Gardening Association -- Biodynamics explained, directories of regional and associated BD groups, training and apprenticeship programs and more.
red ballCAFFEINE -- Organic Farming -- Growing list of links from Canada's Agrifood Directory.
red ballCanadian Organic Growers -- Background, contacts, and excellent publications list including the very useful Organic Field Crop Handbook.
red ball California Certified Organic Farmers -- Features complete online version of certification standards, an organic FAQ, membership directory and more.
red ballCan Organic Agriculture Feed the World? -- Review and Hotlink to a thought-provoking essay by North Dakota organic farmer and activist, Fred Kirschenmann.
red ballCNN's Certified Organic Stories -- CNN Plus's organic foods hub. Links to CNN stories about organic food and farmers complete with search engine to other related stories. Interesting news, but see how many mistakes you can spot in their Organic Explainer.

Hot Link: Don't Panic, Eat Organic

Southern California organic grower Sal Schettino's website won't win any prizes for organization or graphic design. But it is one of the most wide-ranging and eclectic assemblies of links and information that any grower has put on the web. If Sal links to another site because he thinks it's interesting, chances are, you'll think it's interesting too. You'll find everything from soil ecology and permaculture to biological pest control using bats, owls and ladybugs. (Don't miss Sal's separate pages of favorite fruit and insect and weed links, and other miscellaneous sites.) A recent review of "Don't Panic" in The Web magazine suggested, "Click it!" That's good advice if you're looking for a fun evening of surfing.

red ballFederal Organic Foods Production Act 1990 -- An easy-to-read (if that's possible) version from Cornell Law School.
red ballInformation Network For Organic Produce -- International site seeking to link buyers and sellers. Limited listings at this point. (8/26/97).
red ballInternational Organic Links --Great collection of links to groups from around the world.
red ballIs Organic Food More Nutritious? -- Thought-provoking, informative thread from the sanet-mg discussion group at Dr. Charles Benbrook's Pest Management at the Crossroads site.
red ballMichigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance -- Includes information about Organic Growers of Michigan including certification standards and procedures.
red ballMidwest Organic Alliance -- Mission to stimulate demand and increase supply of certified organic products in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Interesting information targeted mostly at marketers and retailers.

Hot Link: National Organic Program, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service -- Surf the comments to the proposed organic rule and read important updates.

red ballNational Organic Standards Board -- Summary of Recommendations -- This is summary of what the NOSB recommended to the Secretary of Agriculture, provided as a service by Bob Anderson at Cascadian Farms.
red ballThe New Organics Index -- Trends in the fast-growing organic industry.
red ballNortheast Organic Farming Association -- Vermont -- Background and contact information.
red ballOntario Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) -- Chapter contacts and information.
red ballOrganic Certification in Nebraska -- Brief Extension NebFact guide from '96. Provides basic information about organic production and certification in the state.
red ballOrganic Cotton Exhibit -- Artsy, fun and graphically pleasing site makes the case for organic cotton. Enjoy the tour, then follow up by surfing their links for more information.

Hot Link: Organic Farmers Marketing Association

Wealth of information worth exploring, including Virtual Market where you can post products for sale, Consumer Connection listing of prospective buyers, and other interactive features. Also listings of organic certification groups, organic news (including updates on progress of federal organic standards), and more.

red ballOrganic Indiana -- Hoosier guide to farms, communities and organizations. Contacts, announcements, and links including Indiana Organic Peer Review Panel.
red ballOrganic Production Topics (Florida) -- Part of the University of Florida's Agricultural Information Retrieval System (FAIRS). Caution: Many of the links in this "organic" site lead to non-organic Extension publications. You'll have to work hard to glean the organic info here.
red ballOrganic Trade Association -- Membership organization represents the organic industry in Canada and the United States. Members include growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, consultants, distributors and retailers.
red ballOrganic Trading and Information Center -- A site for consumers and producers of organic foods and natural products. Appears a little funky, but be sure to check out the site's active message board for marketing leads. Includes somewhat dated ('95) directory of organic certifiers. Also has the original legislative language of the 1990 Organic Foods Protection Act.
red ballTransition to Organic Farming -- Excellent, well-organized resource from Manitoba Agriculture. Features farmer profiles, management options, certification and marketing information, Canadian organic standards, long list of print resources.
red ballWWW Certified Organic Food -- Site's purpose is to forge open communication between Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) members. OCIA news and contact info, complete online version of OCIA Standards, How To Become Certified (including a list of certification agencies), links to farmers and more.

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