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Weed Management Links
Links to sites that will help you manage weeds with fewer chemicals.

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red ballWeed Identification Sites -- Trying to ID a new weed or weed seedling? Jump down to our guide to the best sites on the 'Net.
Bezzerides Brothers Inc. -- Cultivating tips and information about their line of innovative weed-control tools for row crops, orchards and vineyards.
red ballWeed Management Articles and Links -- From the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers. Includes tips for rotary hoeing small grains.
red ballAlberta Weed Management Guides -- Jump down Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Pest Control to find helpful advice (much of it cultural, not chemical) to control many weeds that plague Plains farming systems, such as Canada thistle, chickweed and wild oats. Ordering info for more extensive print guides, too.
red ballNew!Flame Engineering -- Manufacturers of row crop and alfalfa flamers.
red ballNew!Sandy's Links -- More weed links than you can shake a stick at.
red ballWeed-Pro 1997 -- More than 400 short articles on weed control. Most focus on chemical control but a few feature other techniques, such as harrowing spring grains.

Weed Identification Sites:

red ballWeed Science Society of America Photo Herbarium -- More than 200 fast-loading (40K to 50K) images plus helpful ID tips. Also includes photos of herbicide injury in corn and soybeans.
red ballRutgers Cooperative Extension Weed Images and Descriptions -- More than 70 fast-loading images with option to select full-screen views.
red ballMidwestern Wetland Flora -- From the U.S. Geological Survey Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. Features many common weeds. Includes brief identification key to major groups, photos, botanical illustrations, descriptions, and map showing range. Worth checking out.
red ballWeed Seedling Identification, Iowa State University Extension -- 20 common weed seedlings.
red ballUniversity of Minnesota Extension Service Weed ID pages -- Includes photos and brief descriptions of 15 weeds on each page.

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