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Low-cost weed control that works.

hot pepper Hot Links:
red ballDownload WeedCast Software -- Free software predicts emergence and growth of 17 weeds.
red ballIowa State University Extension Weed Management -- Good advice for Corn Belt farmers.

red ballMore weed management links -- From our links menu, including weed identification guides.

Print Resources:
red ballSteel in the Field -- From the USDA SARE program, a great new hard-copy guide to more than 50 weed-control implements and accessories, including rotary hoes, wide-blade sweep plows, coil-tine weeders, automatic guidance systems, back-pack flame weeders and more. Appendix lists contact information on weed specialists and 105 equipment sources.
red ballWeeds as Teachers: 'Many Little Hammers' Weed Management -- Sustainable weed management for the Northern Plains. 11 articles summarize the proceedings of AERO's Alternative Weed Management Conference held in Great Falls, MT, in November 1995. Includes text of presentations on weed ecology, integrated pest management, crop diversity, exotic plant problems and biological control. 42 pages, $14. For ordering info, contact: Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO), 25 South Ewing Street, Suite 214, Helena, MT 59601; phone (406) 443-7272; email aero@desktop.org.

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