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Cow Dreams -- Poems by Steve Lucas

Cow Dreams
The Ringworm Scandal
The Truck
A Cowboy Valentine's Day Date
Turnin' 40
A Cowboy's Thanksgiving Prayer

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He'll make you laugh. He'll make you misty. He'll warm your heart. And he'll make you look at your stock with a different eye. That may sound trite. But it's true.

Virginia cattleman Steve Lucas writes in the great tradition and style of the Cowboy Poets (that's why he chose the email address Cowboypo8@aol.com), but with a slight twist:

These poems come from the heart of a grazier who's more familiar with high-tech fencing than branding irons. While his sensibilities and subjects reflect the best of the old values -- frugality, love of the land, respect for the animals, and the humble pleasures of the stockman's life -- they are delivered from a distinctly modern point of view.

Lucas, a native of Wyoming, and Margaret Ann, his wife, run ninety commercial Hereford cows and their calves on a farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. Steve writes occasional columns for the local weekly, and judging from his frequent informative contributions to graze-l, beeftoday-l and other online discussion groups, he's as good a stockman as he is a poet.

We're very grateful that he's allowed us to reproduce his fine poems here.


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