About Flicker

Flicker was started in the late 80s by Angie Grass and Lance Bangs in Athens, Georgia. Angie still runs the Flicker Festival in Athens. In the early 90s, the second Flicker was founded in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Norwood Cheek — who currently runs Flicker Los Angeles. Since then, Flickers across the world have popped up all the way from Los Angeles to Prague, and everywhere in between.

Flicker is a completely non-commercial, grass-roots entity perpetuated by Super-8 filmmakers and filmgoers. There are never any entry fees to submit films to Flicker (though there are some regulations), and some festivals offer modest film grants to help filmmakers produce their high concept, no-budget masterpiece.

This website was created to catalog some of the many memorable films that have graced the Flicker screens over the years. In the spirit of Flicker, this website was also produced with the indie attitude of high concept, no-budget: $35 to be exact.

Flicker 2001

Have You Seen Axl Rose
Lowell Northrop
Flicker Los Angeles
May 2001
Super-8 / TRT 6.09

Subway Film No. 1
Nat Trotman
Flicker New York
December 2001
Super-8 / TRT 9.54