Flicker Festivals

There is no entry fee to submit your film to Flicker. But it must originate on film, and be less than 15 minutes.

Use the links below to learn more about the Flickers in your area.

Flicker Asheville
--> Gavra Lynn
Flicker Athens
--> Angie Grass
Flicker Austin
--> Cory Ryan
Flicker Bordeaux
--> Joseph Strong
Flicker Chapel Hill
--> Jim Haverkamp
Flicker Los Angeles
--> Norwood Cheek
Flicker New Orleans
--> Jeremy Campbell
Flicker New York
--> David Teague
Flicker Prague
--> Prague Curator
Flicker Richmond
--> James Parish
Flicker 2001

Have You Seen Axl Rose
Lowell Northrop
Flicker Los Angeles
May 2001
Super-8 / TRT 6.09

Subway Film No. 1
Nat Trotman
Flicker New York
December 2001
Super-8 / TRT 9.54