This is the Super-8 short list — a quick guide to producing your film.

Du-All Camera (New York)
For Super-8 camera rentals and purchases. They also do repairs.

Dwayne's Photo (Parsons, KS)
The only place in the U.S. that processes Kodachrome (K-14) film.

A great source for cameras, projectors, and all sorts of Super-8 oddities.

Kodak Super-8 Film
Order Super-8 stock directly from Kodak. Student discounts are available.

Pac Lab (New York)
Processes reversal film, and offers low-end Super-8 to video transfers.

Pro8mm (Los Angeles)
Processes reversal film, and offers high-end video transfers and cameras.

Sima Copykit 2 and Copykit 3
Copykits produce low-end film to video transfers. Copykit 3 does photos too.

Super-8 Metadirectory
Has every conceivable Super-8 question answered. Visit for further info.

Flicker 2001

Have You Seen Axl Rose
Lowell Northrop
Flicker Los Angeles
May 2001
Super-8 / TRT 6.09

Subway Film No. 1
Nat Trotman
Flicker New York
December 2001
Super-8 / TRT 9.54