What Results do we expect?

We expect a number of outcomes from the Delphi survey.

Firstly, we expect the survey will promote communication between different groups of experts so that they will understand each other and learn something from the process.

Secondly, a number of prioritized lists will be obtained: After obtaining these lists, an evaluation model of IFHOSP will be constructed. Also, opinions from the three groups - users, administrators and academics will be compared against each other and analysed to discover important or controversial issues on Open Source.

In the spirit of openness, results of the research and the evaluation model obtained will be available to the public under the OpenContent License. Therefore, anything you answer will be put up on the web. Of course, your identity will be kept anonymous. However, the researcher will not be responsible if you make yourself identifiable through your answers.

The result of the Delphi survey will also be published in academic publications and the final doctoral dissertation.

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Last Update: 30 May 2001