Who is invited to participate in the Survey?

Three groups of people are invited to participate in this Delphi survey: In the process of the construction an evaluation model, the opinion of stakeholders of the system under investigation should be considered, namely users and administrators of IFHOSP.

Academics are also included because it is believed that they understand scientific principles in areas that are related to Open Source and so their expertise will be relevant to the construction an evaluation model.

Criteria in Selection of Participants

Veteran Programmers in Open Source communities

There are two sources for obtaining a list of veteran programmers:

Those who achieved a Master status in Advogato.
Those who had been rated the top ten highest ranked users in SourceForge.
(Note: Advogato and SourceForge are two popular sites where Open Source programmers meet and rank each others.)

IFHOSP Administrators

An IFHOSP administrator is defined as a maintainer of any IFHOSP site, independent of whether the person also takes care of the server at the operating system level. Any IFHOSP Administrator is legible to be invited.

Academics in relevant areas of IFHOSP

Any person who has published any article on the topic of Open Source in an academic publication. Any person who satisfies the condition above is legible to be invited.

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Last Update: 30 May 2001