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(In the context of this research, the term "Open Source" and "Free software" can be used interchangably though they are differences in ideological terms.)

According to two surveys based on interviews of about 4,000 IT executives, Open Source is becoming a more widely accepted concept 1, 2. This gives a clear indication that the use of an Open Source approach in software development is expected to increase. However, there are a number of critics 3, 4, 5, 6who warn of the possible drawbacks of Open Source and thus quality research work in this area will be valuable.

Infrastructure For Hosting Open Source Project (IFHOSP) is the infrastructure that supports and co-ordinates the development of Open Source software projects on the Internet. As the need for Open Source software development increase, it is important to look into the design of IFHOSP. By constructing an evaluation model, it can, therefore, create a useful tool to examine the design of IFHOSP.

A Delphi survey will be conducted to obtain opinions from a group of experts in several different but related areas on IFHOSP to construct an evaluation model.

Objective of research

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This survey is conducted by Haggen Hau Heng So. Please click here for contact details.


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