Point Form Summary

Overall Goal of the Research Project

To suggest improvements to the design of web sites that support and co-ordinate Open Source Project (i.e. Infrastructure For Hosting Open Source Project (IFHOSP)) by building an evaluation model.


  1. To identify important issues on IFHOSP by employing Delphi survey and build an evaluation model.
  2. Apply the model in different situations and the model will be assessed and refined.
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Who will benefit

The result will be made available on the web under the Open Content License. As such, anyone can use the results to understand, design and evaluate IFHOSP.

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Bullet What Results do we expect?

How does this survey differ from newsgroups or online forums?

  1. The responses from all participants will be summarized. Then, the summarized responses will be re-examined in the next round for refinement (Refer to Detail Procedure of Delphi Survey).
  2. The survey includes a ranking mechanism so that the most important issues can be elicited (Refer to Detail Procedure of Delphi Survey).
  3. All participants invited are 'experts' from different areas including developers, administrators and academics. Hopefully the survey can become a platform of communication for everyone (Refer to Who is invited to participate in the Survey?).

Organisers of the survey

Haggen So, a doctoral student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Nigel Thomas and Mr. Hossein Zadeh.

More Questions?

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Last Update: 18 Jun. 2001