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Dr. Gautam Chatterjee is Member of Honour in Argentina Religion of ParliamentDr Gautam Chatterjee (b.1958) is an established writer who has written persuasively on Indian Heritage to the matters of national concern.Academically he holds a Ph.D. Degree from the prestigious Rabindra Bharati University on Social History. As an Historian he has written many papers and authored two pioneering historical books i.e. Secret Congress Broadcast During Quit India Movement and Child Criminals and the Raj (Reformation in British Jail). Both the books are unique contribution to the world of History and referred by stalwarts world-wide.

Dr. Gautam Chatterjee for last 6 years has been scripting documentaries on Indian Culture and he has created some 200 hours of software for Television outreach through Door Darshan for IGNCA. He has scripted two films "Vedic Oral Tradition" and "Ramlila" which were recognized by UNESCO and subsequently these were declared World's Intangible Heritage.

For around two decades he has authored books and thousands of articles in prestigious print media. He delved into indology under the guidance of world-famed Indologist Dr Kapila Vatsyayan and renowned historians like Dr Ranjit Sen(D.Litt) University of Calcutta, Dr S Sengupta, National Archives of India , Prof Satkari Mukhopadhyay, Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (A linguist who knows 32 scripts and 13 languages of the world). Finally on the concept of destination development the author has delved into its various nuances with the guidance of Ms Shriti Nath, Editor Discover India.

Dr Gautam Chatterjee have been writing and photographing on Indology, Hinduism, Tourism and features on dynamic subjects. Some of his published and unpublished works are available in this site for world-wide reference. The Author offers thanks to Print Media Giants who stood by him and disseminated his writings on various subjects for about two decades. Author has been contributing to Mainstream (Late Nikhil Chakrabarty) The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Indian Express, The Statesman, The Pioneer, The Week, The Sun, India News and Feature Alliance, The India Magazine, Discover India etc. etc. Author has been substantially contributing to Electronic Media and creating concepts for TV for half a decade on Heritage, Tourism and the world of Children.

Dr Gautam Chatterjee after establishing himself as Historian, Indologists, Sprititual Writer, Heritage Journalist has played a substantial role towards bringing about social awareness through innovative literature, board games for children and books for children on the subjects of Road Safet,  Enviornment. On the score of AIDS he has written a short story on the theme titled ‘Beyond the Wedlock’ with an introduction by famous social worker and artist Ms Nafiza Ali. This book is going to be available in the net for the first time for mass dissemination. Apart from this some of the books on Road Safety is available in this site.

Dr Gautam Chatterjee is available for any individual, institutions, global organization or international Publishers who want to undertake research or commission books or create films on any subject relating to Indian Heritage to Spiritualism. Dr Gautam Chatterjee believes in Research information dissemination on India for world-wide enrichment of knowledge on lost heritage to the heritage in currency.



ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Dr. Gautam Chatterjee may like to thank Shri Umesh Batra - Spiritual brother (Guru-Bhai) for doing this service free for the purpose of Global enrichment of knowledge. Dr. Gautam Chatterjee is also greatful to ibiblio for giving free space for the noble cause of sharing the knowledge with the philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - The hole world is one family.

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