Gallery for The World War II Service of William L. Hurley

These photos are all left from Grandpa Hurley's WWII years in the Army. Most date from the time he spent at Davis Monthan Air Base in Tucson, AZ, in 1942-43, but a few are from elsewhere.

Here are the hand-written captions from the back of 8-by-10 black and white photographs. Many are marked on the reverse with a rubber stamp which includes a heading indicating that they were publicity photos. The stamp also includes a few lines for the date and location (which were almost never completed).

The name Finney appears in many of the captions, and seems to have been a friend.

(Front side) 462 AAF BU 4 AUG - 1068 - Inspection of visiting officers - Col. Seaborne Col. Hoppough
(Back side) Left to right: Capt Gagnos, Lt Col Gibney Col Hoppiful, Col Seaborne, 2nd LT W.L.Hurley

Kearny [?] Edgerton Collier + Anderson
Phoenix Gazette
[Bill Hurley is on the left.]

Dedicating new chapel
Chaplain Reynolds

Color Guard

Maj Gen Robt Serrles - P.R.O. Head [Public Relations Office?]
Maj Meyers - Finney

Gen Bretts 17 - D ["17" ?] "The Swoose"

Brett & crew of Swoose

92 A.F. Band

L. Adler + Paul Draper

Adler Draper

Bivuac - 10/42 - 32nd

Hike - 10/42

Hike 10/42

Major Springer, Col. Harris
[stamp includes the date 5-18-42]

Finney - Col. Smith

32 A.B.Dayroom

Finney Smith Garretsen - Maj Gen Olds

Col Smith Garretsen
381 A.B. Squad Review

This picture has the word "RESTRICTED" stamped on the back.

Maj. Gen. Robt. Olds, Col Smith, Col Garretsen Maj Meyer Capt Finney

Gen Joyce - Col Smith Gen Parkst [?] Lean Col Garretsen

A General Joyce was Commanding General of the 9th Service Command in 1943, which is when this photo was taken.

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