This time line is arranged in a table of three columns. The first column contains entries from Grandpa Hurley's Army personnel files; the second column contins miscellaneous notes; and the third column features important dates in the chronolgy of the War. Entries in the third column are from Bergrud, pp. 677-7, unless otherwise noted.

DateEntry from Army recordsOther eventWWII chronology
December 7, 1941Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor.
December 1941 -
April 1942
Japan seizes Southeast Asia and the Philippines.
January 14, 1942Japan invades Rabaul and Kavieng.
February 12, 1942Enlistment, Fort Snelling, MN
Febraury 12, 1942Appointment to rank of Private
February 13, 1942Smallpox vaccination
February 13, 1942First typhoid vaccination series
February 13, 1942GCJ-I 136
February 13, 1942AGCT-1a, I-136

The Army General Classification Test was devised in order to identify soldiers of high ability for certain duties; it had some correlation with an IQ test. "The ASTP [Army Specialized Training Program]... required an Army General Classification Test score of 135 or better, and at least two years of college training;" this program was considered an "extremely intensive and very difficult course." (Thompson and Harris, p. 521)

14 Feb 1942Articles of War read to soldier

The Articles of War were the Army's rules for a soldier's life: they would be read publicly at intervals throughout his enlistment. And for Bill Hurley, because he was in the Army of the United States, which was composed of drafted men and not "career soldiers," that meant the duration of the war plus six months.

February 20, 1942First typhoid vaccination series
February 21, 1942Detached from Reception Center, Ft. Snelling, Minn.
February 23, 1942Attached to Co C - 2nd Ord Tng Bn, ORTC, APG, Md
Ordnance Repl Tng Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
February 27, 1942War Dept. Circular #7 read and explained
February 28, 1942First typhoid vaccination series
March 1, 1942The 305th Bombardment Group (Heavy) activated at Salt Lake AB
March 9, 1942Japan seizes Lae, beginning operations from New Guinea. Air offensive against Port Moresby begins soon thereafter.
April 4, 1942Detached from Co C - 2nd Ord Tng Bn, ORTC, APG, Md
April 4, 1942Attached to Co D - 5th Ord Tng Bn, APG, MD
April 4, 1942First typhoid vaccination series completed
April 24, 1942Married (civil ceremony) in New York, NY.
April 27, 1942Married (church ceremony).
April 28, 1942Detached from Co D - 5th Ord Tng Bn, APG, MD
May 1, 1942Assigned to 424 Ord Co Avn (B), Army Air Base, Salt Lake City, UT
May 8, 1942Battle of the Coral Sea: Carrier battle forces Japan to cancel invasion of Port Moresby. Japanese seize Tulagi in Solomons and begin building field at Guadalcanal.
May 12, 1942Assigned to 423 Ord Co Avn (B), Army Air Base, Salt Lake City, UT
May 12, 1942Soldier is favorably recommended for Good Conduct Medal upon transfer
20 May 1942Began furlough (a short leave)
June 4, 1942Rejoined unit (furlough ended)U.S. Navy wins major victory at the Battle of Midway.
June 10, 1942The 305th Bombardment Group moves from Salt Lake AB to Geiger Field
June 15, 1942Assigned to 424 Ord Co Avn (B), Geiger Field, Wash.
July 6, 1942Promotion to rank of Corporal (T)

The "(T)" denotes that this is a "Technical" rank; these ranks are now called "Specialists."

June 31, 1942The 305th Bombardment Group moves from Geiger Field to Muroc Lake AB
July 21, 1942Assigned to 32d B. Hq. & A.B. Sq., D.M. Field, Tucson, Ariz.

"The 32d Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron, Davis-Monthan Field, Tucson, Arizona. The 32d was the base operating unit at Davis-Monthan between 13 June 1942 and 25 March 1944... During the war, Davis-Monthan was a bomber unit training base, initially for B-24 Liberator units under the Fourth Air Force and effective 8 February 1943, for B-29 Superfortress units under the Second Air Force. Basically, a bombardment group and its assigned squadrons would be activated at the base, trained personnel would be assigned, and then they would undergo operational training as a unit. When their training was complete, they would ship out to an overseas theater... The 32d Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron was the highest level permanent unit on the base. They provided all of the services needed for the base, i.e., security, food, plumbing, carpentry, maintenance of buildings and facilities, etc." - Jack McKillop

Imperial Japanese Army lands at Buna and advances toward Port Moresby.
August 1, 1942Articles of War read to soldier
August 4, 1942Attended sex morality lecture
August 7, 1942 U.S. forces land at Guadalcanal; fierce Japanese air attack fails with heavy loss.
August 7, 1942 Fifth Air Force formed in New Guinea under the command of George Kenney.
August 21, 1942 Marines defeat first attack on Guadalcanal perimeter; Henderson Field receives first combat planes.
September 1, 1942 Japanese landing defeated at Milne Bay.
September 12, 1942 Marines defeat second attack at Guadalcanal in the Battle of Bloody Ridge.
September 20, 1942 Japanese army withdraws from outside Port Moresby.
October 22-25, 1942 Marines defeat main Japanese assault against Henderson Field. Japanese air offensive reaches maximum effort.
November 8, 1942 Australians defeat Japanese at Oivi-Gorari on Kokoda Trail.
November 13-15, 1942 The naval Battle of Guadalcanal; Japanese attempt to land new army fails; Cactus Air Force destroys enemy troop convoy.
November 18, 1942 Australian and U.S. troops begin siege of Japanese fortified zone at Buna-Gona-Sanananda.
December 18, 1942U.S. forces begin offensive on Guadalcanal.
January 13, 1943 Thirteenth Air Force formed for operations in Solomons under Nathan Twining.
January 15, 1943Began furlough
January 23, 1943 Australian and U.S. forces complete destruction of Japanese position at Buna.
January 24, 1943Rejoined unit (furlough ended)
February 1, 1943Promotion to rank of Sergeant (T)Australians break seige of Wau.
February 8, 1943 United States declares Guadalcanal secure.
March 2, 1943Battle of the Bismarck Sea; Allied airpower destroys Japanese troop convoy heading for New Guinea.
March 6, 1943Smallpox vaccination
March 6, 1943Second typhoid vaccination series
March 20, 1943Second typhoid vaccination series
March 27, 1943Second typhoid vaccination series
March 27, 1942Tetanus (S Type) vaccination
March 30, 1943Yellow fever vaccination 05CC Lab 382
April 29, 1943Articles of War read to soldier
July 10, 1943Transferred to Hq. 1st Bomb Comd., Biggs Field, Texas
July 10, 1943Assigned to Hq XX Bomb Comd. B, Biggs Fld, Tex

Headquarters of XX Bomber Command, Biggs Field, TX

This may look contradictory, but there's a difference between being assigned, attached, or transferred to a unit. The transfer to I Bomber Command is the permanent or "home" unit overall, and the assignment to the XX was where he would actually travel to and work. That is, Bill Hurley was a member of the 1st Bomb Command, but he was temporarily serving at the headquarters of the XX Bomb Command.

"There were two XX Bomber Commands during the war; both were assigned to the Second Air Force. The first one was activated as the I Bomber Command in El Paso, TX, on 1 May 1943; it was redesignated XX Bomber Command in August 1943 and disbanded on 6 October 1943. The second XX Bomber Command was activated at Smoky Hill AAFld, KS, on 20 November 1943 and left for India in February 1944 to control all B-29 units in that theater." (Jack McKillop)

June 30, 1943U.S. forces invade New Georgia in Solomons.
June 30, 1943U.S. and Australian forces move on Salamaua north of Buna.
August 1943Allies launch devastating air offensive against Wewak.
August 6, 1943Promotion to rank of Staff Sergeant (T)
August 15, 1943 U.S. forces invade Vella Lavella in the Solomons.
September 3, 1943Began furlough
September 4, 1943 Australians land at Lae and Finschhafen.
September 14, 1943Furlough ended
September 19, 1943Attached to 304th TSS(Sp), MB, Fla
Sq 1 A

Technical School Squadron, Miami Beach, FL: this is the full name of the officer training program in Miami Beach, FL.

October 2, 1943ASTP Test (4-5-43) 115
October 28, 1943Final physical exam, at 605 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Fla
October 12, 1943Fifth Air Force begins sustained assault against Rabaul. In December Marines, USN, and Thirteenth Air Force dominate offensive against Rabaul.
November 1, 1943 Americans land at Bougainville.
November 8, 1943Articles of War read to soldier
November 11, 1943Sol Qual Carbine M-1

Qual Marksman - Score 137

November 11, 1943Sol Fired 30 Rds Rifle Cal .30 for Familiarization
December 1, 1943Sex Morality Lecture
December 14, 1943Sulfadiazine vaccination
December 24, 1943Physical Fitness Rating - 47
January, 1944Completed 4mos training
AAF Administration: Specialized tng Intelligence
January 7, 1944Detached from 304th TSS(Sp), MB, Fla
January 7, 1944Discharged to accept commission as 2LT, AUS

Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Army of the United States.

January 29, 1944First child, Mary Alison Hurley, born.
February 17, 1944 Japanese withdraw all active combat air units from Rabaul's garrison, effectively conceding South Pacific to Allies.
February 28, 1944 MacArthur seizes Admiralty Islands, isolating Rabaul's garrison and gaining major naval base.
March 8, 1944 Japanese launch futile attack on Torokina air base on Bougainville in the last large land battle in South Pacific.
March 31, 1944Completed 2 Mos training
Combat Intelligence
AAF AirIntSch HbgPa

This is the Air Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA.

April 15, 1944Assigned to 8th AAF Radio Sq Mbl (J)
Intel Evaluation Officer (rated by W H Mundorff, Major AC)
Camp Pinedale, Calif
April 18, 1944FOD

I have no idea what this means.

April 22, 1944 Following fierce air offensive, Allies seize Hollandia. [Bill would pass through Hollandia on 11 December.] Wewak bypassed. Large portion of Japanese army on New Guinea isolated and neutralized.
May 20, 1944Completed course in Map & Aerial Photography Reading
May 29, 1944Detached from 8th AAF Radio Sq Mbl (J)
May 30, 1944Assigned to 7th AAF Rad SQ Mbl (J)
Intel Eval Officer (rated by Charles Minder, Maj, AC)
Camp Pinedale, California
June 18-19, 1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea: U.S. Pacific Fleet destroys remnants of Japanese carrier strength. U.S. forces capture Saipan.
June 27, 1944Completed course in Personal Adjustment Problems
July 30, 1944Allies complete occupation of New Guinea, trapping more than 200,000 enemy personnel.
September 1, 1944Malaria Control Trng comp
September 8, 1944Provisions of WD Cir 44 complied with

War Department Circular 44 described the service requirements (location and duration) which entitled a soldier to receive a particular decoration.

September 15, 1944 "MacArthur's army units assaulted Morotai on September 15, completely bypassing the large Japanese garrison on Halmahera.... leaving some 25,000 Japanese soldiers stranded on Halmahera while the Americans built airfields to support the invasion of the Philippines on Morotai..." ("A World at Arms," p. 657.) Bill Hurley would arrive in Morotai on 15 January, 1945.
October 20, 1944Favorable Loyalty Check for position of trust and cryptographic duties, local FBI, Service Command Intelligence and home town police checks -- Results filed in 9th SC. U.S. forces land at Leyte in the Philippines, triggering the naval Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 23; U.S. Pacific Fleet destroys Japanese surface fleet. [Grandpa Hurley arrived on Leyte on 15 June 1945.]
11 Nov 1944Departed from U.S. for foreign service
December 1, 1944Arrived Finschhafen
December 9, 1944Left Finschhafen
December 11, 1944Arrived Hollandia
December 31, 1944Detached from 7th AAF Rad SQ Mbl (J)
January 1, 1945Attached to 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
Intel Eval Officer (no rating required)
APO 72

An APO is an Army Post Office; APO 72 served the Philippines.

January 9, 1945U.S. forces invade Luzon, main island in the Philippines.
January 14, 1945Departed Hollandia
January 15, 1944Arrived Morotai
February 10, 1945U.S. forces land on Iwo Jima; the island is secured on March 25 after heavy losses.
April 1, 1945U.S. forces land on Okinawa; the most violent battle of the Pacific war ends on June 21.
April 3, 1945Arrived Port Au Prince, Palawan
April 29, 1945Detached from 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
April 30, 1945Attached to Central Bureau
Student O (Rad Intel) (no rating required)
APO 923

APO 923 served Australia.

June 8, 1945Completed six weeks training
General Intelligence
Central Bureau, APO 923
June 15, 1945Arrived Leyte, P.I.
June 18, 1945Detached from Central Bureau
June 19, 1945Attached to 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
Intel Eval O (rated by Charles Minder, Maj, A.C.)
APO 72
June 30, 1945Detached from 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
July 1, 1945Attached to 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
Intel Evaluation O (rated by Charles Minder, Maj, A.C.)
APO 72
Austrlians occupy Balikpapan on Borneo, the last large Allied operation of the Pacific war.
August 6, 1945U.S. atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Nagasaki hit on August 9.
August 15, 1945Japan agrees to accept Allied terms, ending hostilities.
September 1, 1945Japan signs surrendur on deck of USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, ending World War II.
September 18, 1945Detached from 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
September 19, 1945Attached to 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
Intelligence Evaluation Officer (no rating required)
APO 72
October 16, 1945Detached from 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
October 17, 1945Attached to 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
Intelligence Evaluation Officer (no rating required)
APO 72
October 19, 1945Detached from 7th AAF Radio Sq Mobile
October 19, 1945Attached to 6th Photo Tech Sq
APO 719

APO 719 served Indonesia, New Caledonia, New Guinea, New Hebrides, the Philippines, and Ryuku.

October 30, 1945Detached from 6th Photo Tech Sq
December 27, 1945Appointed First Lieutenant, Air Corps, AUS (postdated from 1 Oct 1946)
December 29, 1945Begins terminal leave
January 7, 1946Ends terminal leave
January 17, 1946Separated from active service, Camp McCoy, WI
October 1, 1946Appointed First Lieutenant, Air Corps, AUS
October 9, 1952Refused indefinite Air Force Reserve Officer appointment
April 1, 1953Commission expired

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