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Album NHF-187-H page 1: Views of USS SC-223 and of USS Hannibal

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LeRoy R. Horstman's USS Hannibal (AG-1) Photo Album (Naval History and Heritage Command Photographic Lot # NHF-187-H) --
General Description

This album was compiled by LeRoy R. Horstman, whose enlisted Navy service began in 1918 and was completed when he retired as a Chief Boatswain's Mate at the beginning of 1950. Its subject is his service in USS Hannibal (AG-1) during the early 1920s. The album has 100 pages, of which only the first 45 are used, and contains 94 photographs, most of them in 4" x 5" (actually 4.8") format. All but a few of the images concern USS Hannibal, her crew, and her activities while she was employed on surveying service in Cuban waters in about 1922-1923. Two submarine chasers, SC-223 and SC-353, an Aeromarine 40 flying boat (Bureau # A-5066), and the housing barge YC-66 are also seen. All worked with Hannibal during these survey operations.

The basic album appears to have been a standard commercial product sold under the trade mark "Royal Albums". It is personalized by embossing the ship's name in gold on the front cover. The album's pages measure 11.15 inches by 6.95 inches. Covers are 11.55 inches by 7.3 inches. All are punched with two holes on the left margin, and the album is bound with a woven cord threaded through black steel tubes and tied in a bow on the front cover side.

The album was originally donated to the Naval Historical Foundation in 1977 by Chief Boatswain's Mate and Mrs. LeRoy R. Horstman. It was subsequently transferred to the Naval Historical Center (since renamed "Naval History and Heritage Command"). As of this writing, 29 of the album's photographs have been further cataloged with "NH" numbers, and are featured in other "Online Library" subject presentations. All of these are also seen here, with links provided to their "NH" series Picture Data sheets.

For additional relevant information, see:

  • USS Hannibal (1898-1945, later AG-1).

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  • LeRoy R. Horstman's USS Hannibal (AG-1) Photo Album -- General Description, Part Two.

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