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USS Arkansas (Battleship # 33) Photo Album:
"Our European Cruise. October 25th, to December 15th, 1913" --
Pages 80-88 and Back Cover

This page provides textual information, thumbnails, and links to larger images concerning pages 80 through 88 and the back cover of a photo album covering USS Arkansas' visit to the Mediterranean in October-December 1913.

For introductory information on this album, see:

  • USS Arkansas (Battleship # 33) Photo Album: "Our European Cruise. October 25th, to December 15th, 1913" -- General Description.

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    Left: Page 80 (reverse of page 79)
  • Upper photo: (This print was missing when the album was cataloged.)
  • Lower photo: Restored tomb at Pompeii, Italy, November 1913.

    Right: Page 81
  • Upper photo: House of Vettii, Pompeii, Italy, November 1913.
  • Lower photo: Dutch Navy sailors at Naples, Italy, November 1913.


    Left: Page 82 (reverse of page 81)
  • Sunset seen as USS Arkansas was steaming away from Naples, Italy, 30 November 1913.

    Right: Page 83
  • Upper photo: Sunrise in the Mediterranean Sea, seen from USS Arkansas while en route to Gibraltar, circa 1 December 1913.
  • Lower photo: Gibraltar seen from USS Arkansas, 3 December 1913.


    Left: Page 84 (reverse of page 83)
  • Captain Roy C. Smith, Commanding Officer of USS Arkansas, presents gunnery "E" awards to the crew of Turret Number Four, December 1913. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jonas H. Ingram was in charge of the turret.

    Right: Page 85
  • Upper photo: Feeding a mascot goat on board USS Arkansas, circa December 1913.
  • Lower photo: Infantry drill on board USS Arkansas, circa December 1913. Note the text reference to ongoing turmoil in Mexico.


    Left: Page 86 (reverse of page 85)
  • Upper photo: Clothing inspection on board USS Arkansas, while returning to the U.S. from Italy in December 1913. Captain Roy C. Smith in in the left center foreground.
  • Lower photo: The East River, New York City, seen from USS Arkansas upon her return from Europe, on 15 December 1913.

    Right: Page 87
  • Blank page.


    Left: Page 88 (reverse of page 87)
  • Blank page.

    Right: Inside of the back cover
  • A black paper liner is glued over most of the two covers' inner sides, with dark green cloth over the outer edges.


    Album's back cover
  • Like the front cover, this is covered with dark green cloth.


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