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(Naval History and Heritage Command Photographic Lot # S-591)

Donald R. Cochran's USS Edward J. McKeever Jr. (SP-684) and USS Madawaska (ID # 3011) Photo Album, 1917-1919 -- Pages 17-26

This page provides textual descriptions and thumbnails, plus links to larger images, of the views on pages 17 through 26 of Donald R. Cochran's album of his 1917-1919 U.S. Navy service.
Most of the photographs on these pages were taken in 1919, while Cochran was serving as an Ensign in USS Madawaska, but a few date from his enlisted service in 1917-1918 and (perhaps) from his service in USS Arizona, circa late 1918-early 1919.

For introductory information on this collection, see:

  • Donald R. Cochran's USS Edward J. McKeever Jr. and USS Madawaska Photo Album -- General Description.

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    S-591, Page 17:
  • Four photos of harbor locks and the waterfront area of St. Nazaire, France. Taken from USS Madawaska (ID # 3011) in April-June 1919.

    S-591, Page 18 (reverse side of Page 17):
  • Four more photos of the St. Nazaire waterfront area in April-June 1919. All taken from USS Madawaska.
    -- The lower left photo shows U.S. Soldiers watching the ship.

    S-591, Page 19:
  • Four photos taken on board USS Madawaska as she steamed through a North Atlantic storm in April-June 1919.
    -- Note Donald Cochran's comment on the lower right photo: "The troops don't like this".

    S-591, Page 20 (reverse side of Page 19):
  • Four photos of USS Madawaska's officers and Army passengers, circa April-June 1919:
    -- Upper left photo: Army officers relaxing on board during their passage home. It is captioned "Hard life of army officers".
    Note: For an individual greyscale reproduction of this image, see Photo # NH 107075.
    . -- Lower left photo shows three of the Madawaska's officers relaxing on board. They are (left to right): Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Warren C. Du Bois, USN; Ensign Henry V. Jacobson, USN; and Ensign Raymond A. Gore, USN.
    -- Upper right photo: Army officers relaxing on board. One, who is wearing aviator's "wings", is identified as "An Ace".
    -- Lower right photo: Soldiers disembarking at Newport News, Virginia.

    S-591, Page 21:
  • Upper left photo: Depth charge exploding. This, and the other views on this page, MAY have been taken from USS Edward J. McKeever Jr. (SP-684).

  • Lower photo: Depth charge explosion.

  • Upper right photo: Light ship off the U.S. East Coast.

    S-591, Page 22 (reverse side of page 21):
  • Three photographs of Donald R. Cochran as a Navy enlisted man, 1917.

    S-591, Page 23:
  • Four photos of officers on board USS Madawaska, circa May-June 1919.
    -- Upper left and lower right photos show Ensign Raymond A. Gore, USN.
    -- Upper right photo is of Ensign Donald R. Cochran.
    -- Center photo is of Madawaska's Commanding Officer, Commander Stephen C. Rowan, USN.
    Note: For an individual greyscale reproduction of this image, see Photo # NH 107076.

    S-591, Page 24 (reverse side of Page 23):
  • Photo of two women ("Miriam" and "Olga") with a man labeled "Robb". He may be Donald Robb Cochran.

    S-591, Page 25:
  • Two photos of Ensign Donald R. Cochran and one of "Miriam".

    S-591, Page 26 (reverse side of Page 25):
  • Top photo: USS Arizona (BB-39), to which Ensign Donald R. Cochran was assigned when he was first commissioned as an officer in the latter part of 1918. The photo was probably taken in 1916 or 1917.

  • Lower two photos: Ensign Donald R. Cochran, USN, in June 1918.


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