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Photo #: NH 82511 (Complete Caption)

USS Missouri (Battleship # 11)

Ship's officers pose on the quarterdeck with officers from the Japanese Armored Cruiser Nisshin, at Yokohama, Japan, 24 October 1908.
Missouri was visiting Japan during the "Great White Fleet"'s cruise around the World.
Photograph by A. Farsaride Co., Yokohama, Japan.

Those present are, front row, seated on deck, from left:
Midshipman S. Sugita, IJN;
Midshipman C. Rotalde, P.N.;
Midshipman Machida, IJN;
Midshipman Edward H. Loftin, USN;
Midshipman R. Nakashima, IJN;
Midshipman Philip G. Lauman, USN;
Midshipman R. Korekawa, IJN.
Second row from front, seated in chairs, from left:
Ordnance Officer Lieutenant M. Ando, IJN;
Lieutenant Commander Jay H. Sylpher, USN;
Paymaster S. Ogawa, IJN;
Captain Robert M. Doyle, USN, Commanding Officer, USS Missouri;
Captain J. Ushida, IJN;
Lieutenant Commander Archibald H. Scales, USN;
Surgeon S. Okada, IJN;
Surgeon Leckinski W. Spratling, USN.
Second row from rear, standing, from left:
Ensign David McD. Le Breton, USN;
Chief Gunner John H. Lohman, USN;
Warrant Machinist Arthur W. Bird, USN;
Midshipman Jere H. Brooks, USN;
Engineer Sub-Lieutenant Second Class K. Okutsu, IJN;
Midshipman Charles R. Clark, USN;
Sub-Lieutenant First Class K. Yokoi, IJN;
Captain Julius S. Turrill, USMC;
Assistant Paymaster First Class H. Manjiyo, IJN;
Paymaster William H. Doherty, USN;
Engineer Lieutenant N. Ike, IJN;
Lieutenant James P. Murdock, USN;
Lieutenant K. Yoshida, IJN;
Lieutenant Frank B. Freyer, USN;
Lieutenant T. Karasawa, IJN;
Lieutenant Robert Henderson, USN;
Lieutenant M. Ushijima, IJN.
Rear row, standing, from left):
Chief Boatswain David White, USN;
Midshipman T. Harada, IJN;
Gunner Henry Rieck, USN;
Sub-Lieutenant Second Class M. Ota, IJN;
Midshipman James B. Howell, USN;
Sub-Lieutenant First Class K. Hara, IJN;
Midshipman Carl C. Krakow, USN;
Sub-Lieutenant First Class M. Muranaka, IJN;
Midshipman Henry Kent Hewitt, USN;
Sub-Lieutenant First Class T. Tomosada, IJN;
Midshipman Guy C. Barnes, USN;
Engineer Sub-Lieutenant First Class R. Momose, IJN;
Midshipman William T. Mallison, USN;
Engineer Sub-Lieutenant Second Class H. Nakamura, IJN;
Lieutenant Robert Wallace, USN;
Ensign Laurance N. McNair, USN.

Donation of Brigadier General Robert L. Denig, Jr, USMC(Retired), 1974, from the collection of his Father, BGen. Robert L. Denig, USMC.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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