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Photo #: 19-N-1-11-3

USS Alabama
(Battleship # 8)

Underway on 19 May 1918, following the removal of some of her midships six-inch guns.

Photograph from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives.

Online Image: 101KB; 740 x 600 pixels

Reproductions of this image may also be available through the National Archives photographic reproduction system.


Identification note: The ship in this photograph has long been identified as USS Illinois (Battleship # 7). However, it is actually Alabama beyond any doubt, for the following reasons:
(1) The shape of the "cage" masts. Alabama's masts were narrow at the top and wide at the base, as seen here. Illinois' masts were wide at the top and relatively narrow at the base ;
(2) The twin hause castings at the bow, a feature seen on Alabama. Illinois had a much heavier double hause casting;
(3) Porthole spacing on the lower deck, forward of the bow casemate, which differed considerably between these two ships;
(4) Letters "Ala" on the bow of the ready whaleboat aft. Though not legible here, these letters are clearly visible on the original print.
It is probable that this photograph and Photo # NH 60570 were taken at the same time, and that their identifications were reversed at that time, with the error persisting for decades.

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6 February 2003