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Bill Butcher was Founding Director of the Language Centres at the Hong Kong IVE, and is now an independent author and businessman. He previously worked at Oxford and the ENA (Paris). 

Dr Butcher's research area is the French novelist Jules Verne, where he has published countless articles and books.

Just published

Jules Verne: The Biogaphy (Oasis Audio, March 2020)

Recent books

Cinq semaines en ballon (Gallimard, 2020)

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas (Oxford UP, 2019)

Jules Verne inédit (ENS editions, 2015)

Voyage au centre de la terre (Gallimard, 2014)

Joyous Miseries (Acadian, 2011)

一个中国人在中国的遭遇 (Arcadian, 2010)

Recent articles

"La date des dîners des « Onze sans femmes » : une

"L'Origine des origines" (en japonais)

"Captain Grant" (in Chinese -- English version)