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The Silver Pig
US 29 North
Madison Heights, Virginia
(Guest review by Tom "Big Heat" Solomon, Barbeque Compound, Gun Mountain, Virginia.)

In Virginia, finding even passable barbeque is as rare as looking up into the night sky and seeing the Aurora Borealis. Finding classic, top notch North Carolina-style barbeque, on the level of Lexington Barbecue #1, or Wilber's--well, that goes beyond the realm of rarity. It is, simply, nothing short of miraculous.

The Silver Pig, in Madison Heights, Virginia, is proof that miracles happen. Just across the James River from Lynchburg, on US 29 North, the Silver Pig is owned and operated by Jim Moore, who learned his trade at Stamey's Old Fashioned Barbecue on High Point Road in Greensboro. And learn it he did--the Silver Pig is, without a doubt, in the very top rank of North Carolina barbeque joints. The fact that it is nestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia is but a happy geographic happenstance, affording its many customers nearby mountain views to go along with some pretty breathtaking barbeque.

When describing the barbeque at the Silver Pig, the key word is balance--the balance that comes from the expertise of the most accomplished pit masters. It is moist and tender without being greasy or mushy, it has a rich yet subtle smoky flavor without a hint of bitterness, and the inside and outside meat are well mixed. It is prepared in the classic Lexington manner; whole shoulders cooked over hickory coals on a closed pit. The finishing sauce is best described as a border sauce. It is strongly reminiscent of a classic Eastern North Carolina vinegar and red pepper sauce, with just a touch of redness and a hint of sweetness distinguishing it from its Eastern kissing cousins and revealing its Lexington lineage.

Barbeque is available by the sandwich, plate, or pound. The menu is rounded out by such staples as BBQ Slaw, Hushpuppies, French Fries, Pecan Pie, Ice Cream, and Iced Tea. Orders are placed at the counter and picked up when ready. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 65. The service is personable, efficient, and knowledgable.

The Silver Pig is open from 10:30AM until it's gone PM. In my experience, it is wise to get there early and return often. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

From Greensboro, take US 29 North through Lynchburg to Madison Heights. From Raleigh/Durham, take NC 86 North to Danville, then US 29 North through Lynchburg to Madison Heights. The Silver Pig is on the right, just past the third stoplight, after crossing the James River into Madison Heights.

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