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Pretty Polly
  A Backyard Barbecue Machine
First Turkey
January 4, 1998
Dave learned to keep the temperature down by adjusting how many coals were placed in the pit, and the first turkey came out great!

Beauregardless, the relentless Barbecue Dog, eyes the 12-pound turkey. The bird was rubbed down with olive oil before cooking; tarragon and savory were sprinked in the cavity for flavor.

After 2 hours in the pit.

Done after 6 hours ...

... with a very nice smoke ring.

Served up with skillet-baked potatoes, salad (spinach, bibb lettuce, feta & goat cheeses, mushrooms, tomatoes, croutons, honey-Dijon mustard dressing), and a Graves wine.

Oh, yes, and a little treat for Beau, too!.

The Wilber D. Hog Pit Project