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Re: [nafex] Using Water for Freeze Protection

Hi Doreen,
In many areas, sprinkling or overhead irrigation is used along with temp.
monitoring (alarm systems) in commercial strawberry crops when frosts are
expected at or near bloom time.
Depending on time, how cold it's expected to get and what time of year, I have
used sprinkling to prevent freezing. In spring I may simply hill over young
beans and corn for a day or two if time permits and temps are expected to drop
considerably. When time is short, plants are tall or temps are not much below
32, I sprinkle the larger areas and cover the smaller ones.
Hope you get through this one, we had 16 last week. I didn't bother to protect
anything. I did that over the Labor Day weekend frosts and had picked all I
could. Now I just have some lettuce, cabbages, carrots, leeks and kale to take
in. Because of the cool summer nights, overall cool temps all summer and
earlier mild frosts, I don't anticipate losing nursery trees like I did in '96
when I lost one half of that year's grafted trees to a low of 15 degrees on
stay warm..............vic

Doreen Howard wrote:

> Do any of you use overhead sprinklers or any kind of irrigation to protect
> plants from early freezes?  If so, how do you do it and what plants can be
> protected this way?  I know commercial citrus and grape growers use this
> technique, but I wonder if it is practical for a home fruit and veggie
> garden.  Yesterday, it was in the 70's here, but snow and freezing
> temperatures are predicted for Friday.
> Doreen Howard
> Zone 4--Wisconsin

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