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[nafex] Re: Rex begonia

About the only thing I would add to F. Bunny's comments (and I would 
class myself as less experienced that he):

Instead of simply removing the dome, initialy prop it open slightly, 
then a little more, and then remove to have the plants gradually 
adapt to the reduced humidity.

A possible alternative to the fan (although not as good) would be to 
lightly brush the seedlings with your fingers about twice a day.  The 
mechanical action will help make sturdier plants.

Good luck,

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@egroups.com, Fluffy Bunny <the.fluffy.bunny@j...> wrote:
> Joel wrote:
> My first grader is doing a seed propagation project.
> Please comment on how to improve the plant growing.
> My reply:
> I'll comment but please note my experience is limited to the passive
> solar greenhouse I had.   In other words defer to any advice you 
get from
> a commercial grower as opposed to my experimental/amateur 
> Joel wrote:
> Seed planted end of August (7 weeks)
> Soil is sterilized soil / humus
> Day temp 75-80F
> Night temp 60-75F
> Aux lights 13 hours (florescent 25W high output=100W
> incandescent)
> Fertilize @ Parks recommended dose of all purpose fertilizer
> At this point we have about half of the plants growing but
> only about 40 out of 120 planted seem to be good quality.
> My reply:
> I would like to see the daytime night time differential around 20-25
> degrees, and try dipping the temperature toward 50 at night and 75 
to 78
> during the day...this should help control the fungus problems some,
> secondly the seedling stress it causes should ultimately strengthen 
> plants(not all stress is bad).
> Also increase the light to 16-18 hours.
> Joel wrote:
> For a few days we removed the dome and found that many of
> the leafs drooped.
> After replacing the dome the plants are coming back
> My reply:
> Raise the dome and put a gentle fan across the plants, the exhaust 
from a
> PC is good for this, you can also dilute the flow form a household 
fan by
> covering the front with linen.   This should thicken the plants 
some so
> they do not get leggy and help control the fungal problems.   I 
> the plant drooping is caused by the change in humidity and 
> change...not a whole lot can be done, except weed out the weak ones 
> let nature take its course.  In the future I would recommend 
getting the
> cover off and the fan on them after they sprout...you have to watch 
> soil moisture this way but it really does much to  produce short 
> plants and controls fungus and molds.
> Wishing you every success in your endeavor...
> 				the fluffy bunny
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