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[nafex] Re: Non-apple inquiry

>Northblue: 20-30 inches, large size berry
>Northcountry: 18-24 inches, medium size berry 
>Northsky: 10-18 inches, small berry size
>All of them are great, although Northsky, Nothland, and Northblue 
>have it
>over Northcountry for flavor.  
>It is difficult to sell the Northsky and Northland unless you give 
>taste tests.  They are fairly easy to sell to premium bakeries, 
>and specialty restaurants though.

I've grown Northcountry, Northsky, and Northblue (Here in zone 6 I 
was looking for smaller plants as in was being used in an edible 
landscape by an ornamental pond.) The berries are delicious but 
*very* small (think of the average berry being 2/3 of the small 
berries in a pint of Jersey blue berries).  Although I know that all 
the flavor of a blueberry is in the skin (and thus the larger the 
berry the less flavor) in a large planting - unless you have a 
specialty market where you can get a higher price - I would think the 
picking would be very tedious for the return.  And note Kevin's 
height listings - their growth patterns are not alike (each other).

When I moved and planted a new blue berry patch I planted all 
highbush this time.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

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